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Formed as a county legislative caucus to bring together young
legislators from the county assemblies in a bid to advocate for and
support pro-youth legislations and policies. KYMCA brought together
1,027 youth members from all the 47 county assemblies in the year
20(17)-(22). The caucus not only served as a link between national
and county government to affirmatively support youth programs at
the county level but also served as a link between the international
community and the youth at the counties. As a safe space for Young
legislators, the caucus has a representation drawn from all regions
and across different political parties.

The Kenya Young Members of County Assembly Association (KYMCA) was formed in the year 2018 as an association that brings young members of county legislature together. With the introduction of the County government and also county assembly in 2013, the association of young leaders in parliament formed an association known as Kenya Young Parliamentary Members; this inspired the formation of KYMCA in 2018 after a success story of KYPA was seen in the parliament.

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KYMCA mission is to be an effective voice of young people in county assemblies and beyond, setting the agenda of the counties towards more youth focused policies in fostering, strengthening and furthering the youth agenda.

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