Inspiring and nurturing youth through dynamic legislation

An association for efficient and effective coordination of young legislators, advancing the youth agenda and policies across counties, with the national government and other stakeholders.

KYMCA is a safe space for Young legislators, the caucus has a representation drawn from all regions and across different political parties.

Hon . Hussein Dagane

Hon . Hussein Dagane

Chair Person

Our Partners

We recognize the efforts of all our partners for the financial and technical support they have been giving us to ensure the agenda of young leaders have achieved their goals.

2023 - 2028

The plan was drafted following a series of consultative meetings amongst the KYMCA executive, members, consultants, the secretariat, stakeholders and partners.

Mandate of KYMCA

The strategic plan has outlined the mandate of KYMCA across all areas of legislation and oversight function; including representative in the County Assembly function, institutional strengthening function, and Political party representation function.

Sytem Creation

The Strategic plan has spelt out a system that will bring on board all stakeholders and partners both nationally and at the county level that will strategize how KYMCA will have a voice in negotiating youth bills and agendas with clear mechanisms of engaging young legislators at the County Assembly.

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What we do

Formed as a county legislative caucus to bring together young
legislators from the county assemblies in a bid to advocate for and support pro-youth legislations and policies. The caucus not only served as a link between national and county government to affirmatively support youth programs at the county level but also served as a link between the international community and the youth at the counties. As a safe space for Young legislators, the caucus has a representation drawn from all regions and across different political parties.

Youth Agenda

Champion the youth agenda through legislation hence increasing the youth-sponsored agendas in county assemblies.


Synergize efforts towards youth representation and mentorship across the country.


Facilitate programs that uplift and promote inclusion of youth socio-economically.


Intensify and enhance the work of young legislators working at the county level through capacity building, implementation mechanisms et al.

Knowledge sharing

Create knowledge sharing forums between counties on legislative proposals and bills.

Ensure Dissemination

Ensure dissemination of national legislation and programs to the youth at the grassroots level as well as entrenching the youth agenda within devolved governance units.

Civic Engagement

Champion civic engagement and public participation forums to educate the youth on the role of MCAs.

Integrity, transparency, accountability, patriotism,
unity of purpose, inclusivity.